Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification/FIRST AIDE

Basis Life Support (BLS)

Our CPR course material follows the most recent American Heart Association and
American Red Cross guidelines.
(Two year Certification)

This  Course Includes:
• CPR (Adult/Child/Infant)/First Aide
• AED (Automated External Defribillator)
• Conscious/Unconscious Choking
• Recovery Position


First Aide

This course is designed to provide healthcare professionals the ability to recognize life- threatening emergencies, use and AED, provide CPR, First Aide and address choking in a timely, safe, and effective manner.

At Atlanta Career Institute, our Certified Instructors, use an approach that complements learning styles, featuring hands-on practice and real-life scenarios.

Updated with the latest science for CPR and emergency cardiovascular care.



  1. Sandra Reply

    There is a message which said course is free if application is received on , Nov 26 . just wanted to know if its true. Also do we have to pay any other fee later? Also when will that class be. Thanks,

    • ACI Reply

      Good afternoon. Yes, the BLS is Free if you enroll for any of our MA, CNA, Phlebotomy, or EKG classes. Please let us know how we can further assist you.

  2. Ebony Davis-Brown Reply

    I want to know when is your next class

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Davis-Brown,
      Our next BLS course will be Aug. 14, advance payment of $70 would reserve a space in the class. Please let us know how we can further assist you.

  3. Autiana Reply

    Hello, is this a one day course? How long does it last?

    • ACI Reply

      Good afternoon. This course begins at 9am and completes around 12:30pm. Our next BLS course is July 11 and August 14.

  4. Holly Reply

    Good Morning, when is your next CPR course?

    • ACI Reply

      Good afternoon. Our next CPR course is July 11, would you like to come by our campus to enroll?

  5. Sheana Jewell Reply

    When is the next CPR class?

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Jewell,
      Good morning. Our next CPR course is May 31 at 9am. Please call or visit the school if you would like to reserve your space in the class.

  6. Patrina Anthony Reply

    I’m interested in your CPR class

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Anthony,
      Good afternoon. Our next BLS course is March 14, please call the office at 770-807-0170, or come by anytime Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.

  7. Oredola Olasunkanmi Reply

    Please I need to take a course at your institute that can guarantee good pay and job for me.
    I had Bsc degree in Human Anatomy from Nigeria.
    Please kindly advice me

    • ACI Reply

      Thank you for your inquiry. We welcome you to visit the school for a tour anytime Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.

  8. Ebony Davis Brown Reply

    I want to get into your next class when is the date ??

    • ACI Reply

      Our next BLS class will be March 14 and is $60. To reserve a space in the program, please come by the office or call and we can provide additional information.

  9. Karteka Reply

    When is the next class ? how does the scheduling work? Can i also get the pricing

    • ACI Reply

      Our next class will be March 14, to reserve your space in the class pre-payment of $60 is required. Please call or come by our campus and we can further assist you.

  10. Marilyn Whitening Reply

    How much and when is your next course

    • ACI Reply

      Our BLS program is $60, and will be held on March 14. Please call or visit our campus for additional information.

  11. Tammi Rodriguez Reply

    When is your next course?

    • ACI Reply

      Our next BLS course is Feb. 17 at 9am.

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