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New Student Application for CNA and Dialysis Training in Atlanta GA

Hemodialysis Training Program

Hemodialysis Training Program

Nationally Certified Dialysis Technician Classes

High Job Demand

Affordable payment plans!

Georgia has the highest Kidney failure rate in the country according to the Center for Disease Control!

The renal failure rate is expected to double over the next 10 years.

Course Description

Our Hemodialysis training class is designed to prepare you to take the National Exam. Dialysis Technicians monitor patients before, during and after dialysis treatment. Students will learn the necessary techniques to take care of patients in a dialysis setting.

Our state of the art Fresenius Dialysis machine used to train our students. The same machine that is currently being used by Dialysis centers.

The curriculum covered will include body mechanics, machine setup and breakdown, water treatment, and vascular access.

At ACI, our Dialysis classes are unique to any other program.

We have Fresenious 2008K machines equipped with student training simulators. Also, our program incorporates a specialized vascular access segment.

National Certification

Our Hemodialysis training program at Atlanta Career (ACI) offers our students over 20 years experience in the field! Our technicians are Nationally Certified.

At ACI, our Hemodialysis training program uses the State of the Art equipment. We have direct relationships with Dialysis Centers around Georgia to assist you in reaching your goals.

Basic Dialysis Skills

This program introduces students to basic hemodialysis skills.

The Key Course Components of our Hemodialysis training class at Atlanta Career Institute are:

  • Principles of Dialysis
  • Knowledge of Hemodialysis devices
  • Vascular access
  • Hemodialysis Procedures
  • Hemodialysis Complications
  • Dialyzer Reprocessing
  • Water Treatment

Objectives of Course

Upon completion of the Hemodialysis training class satisfactorily (140 classroom/150 clinical), students will be eligible to work at a dialysis center while preparing for the National Exam.

The National Certification is received (required to complete within 1 year of completion of program) upon passing the National Exam.

School Policy

View and Download School Policy (pdf) »

Course Requirements

  • TB skin test or chest X-ray within the past 2 years
  • Drug Screen, within 1 month
  • BLS/CPR First Aide for Healthcare Providers – offered at ACI for $60
  • 18 years of age
  • Criminal background check within one (1) month; felonies and certain misdemeanors will prevent admission- included in admission fee
  • If you are pregnant, a letter from a physician is required giving permission to attend clinicals
  • High School Diploma/GED or equivalent
  • Hepatitis B Antigen (H45604) and Antibody (86291) screening,
  • Resumé
  1. Judi Reply

    Is hemodialysis still on hold?

    • ACI Reply

      Yes, the Hemodialysis course is on hold. Are there any other programs that we offer that you may be interested in?

  2. Florence Cummings Reply

    More information on hemodialysis please

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Cummings,
      This course is on hold for now. We do offer EKG, Phlebotomy, MA, and CNA courses. Please let us know how we can further assist you.

  3. Sonya Gibson Reply

    Is the class still on hold

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Gibson,
      Yes, this class is not being offered at this time. We are not able to offer any additional information, and apologize for the inconvenience.

  4. Tiffany N Reilly Reply

    For the PCT program what are the payments that are required?

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Reilly,
      Thank you for your inquiry. For current promotions, please call our office at 770-807-0170.

  5. Ms. Evans Reply

    Has your Hemodialysis start yet ? 2018

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Evans,
      Our Hemodialysis program is on hold at this time.

  6. Janyel Russell Reply

    Are you guys still offering pct?

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Russell,
      Our Hemodialysis class is on hold at this time. We are offering a PCT program that would include EKG and Phlebotomy.

  7. Charkeena kosh Reply

    How long will the hemodialysis classed be on hold?

    • ACI Reply

      We are unsure at this time.

  8. Crystal Ward Reply

    Can you tell me more about this program when does the next semester start for hemodialysis and what is he schedule like?

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Ward,
      Our Hemodialysis program is on hold for right now. We do offer EKG, CNA, Phlebotomy, PCT, and MA classes. Please let us know how we can further assist you.


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