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New Student Application for CNA and Dialysis Training in Atlanta GA

CNA Training Program

Certified Nursing Assistant

CNA Training Program

Atlanta Career Institute (ACI) is a State Approved Certified Nurse Aide Training program through Georgia Health Partnership.

Affordable weekly payment plans!

State Certification

Upon of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program satisfactorily, students will be eligible to take the Georgia State Exam for state certification.

Help Provide Nursing Assistance

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s), also known as nurses aides, orderlies, and home health aides, work under the supervision of a nurse and provide assistance to individuals with daily living tasks.

Atlanta Career Institute Instructors

At ACI, our Certified Nursing Program Instructors are committed to the individual success each student. Our Nurse Aide Training Program instructors at ACI have a proven success rate with their students. In addition, each CNA training program instructor is experienced, patient, and dedicated.

Course Description

The CNA program is designed to prepare you to take the State Exam. CNA’s work closely with nurses and medical staff to ensure that a patient is provided basic care.

The training you receive at ACI includes, but not limited to, bathing, feeding, dressing patients, observing physical and/or mental changes, and vitals. There are a total of 22 skills that are taught thru lecture, hands on training, and videos. ACI makes available each skill online for you to review for the state exam as well.

Objectives of Course

Upon completion of the 85 hour course satisfactorily, students will be eligible to take the *CNA Georgia State exam here at ACI.

Once certified by the state as a Certified Nursing Assistant, one may have the opportunity to work with Hospitals, doctor’s office, Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health care companies.

* A minimum of 5 students is needed to administer exam at school

School Policy

View and Download School Policy (pdf)

Course Requirements

Please submit the following within 1st week of class:

  • TB skin test or chest X-ray within the past 2 years
  • Drug Screen, within 1 month of first day of school
  • BLS/CPR for Healthcare Providers – offered at ACI; First Aide optional
  • 18 years of age
  • Criminal background check within one (1) month; felonies and certain misdemeanors will prevent admission – offered at ACI
  • If you are pregnant, a letter from a physician is required giving permission to attend clinicals
  • 2 forms of ID, one must be a government issued photo ID, as well as social security card (the names must be identical in order to enroll for the state exam)
  1. Tamaresha Reply

    Hello I am interested in the upcoming 2018 CNA course offered by your institute. Where can I find more information? In regards to: class dates, times, cost, etc..

    • ACI Reply

      Good morning. Visit our website at and view course schedules. For up to date promotions, please visit our school or call any time Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.

    • ACI Reply

      Good morning. Our class times can be found on our website at under “schedules.” Our next morning class begins Jan. 8, evening Jan. 3, weekend Feb. 10. Please call our office at 770-807-0170 or visit anytime Monday – Friday from 9am-4pm for our current promotion.

  2. Charles Bourgeois Reply

    Hello my name is Charles Bourgeois and i am interested in ACI Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program. I would like to know about Tuition and Fees Information, Books and Fees, Length of the Course, and the State Certification Exam, and when the next CNA Training Program Starts for December or January Courses etc. Please i need to know

    • ACI Reply

      Mr. Bourgeois,
      Please call or visit our school at your convenience. We can answer all of your questions.

  3. Larae Sams Reply

    When do you classes for CNA start for the months of December and January?

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Sams,
      Our morning course begins Jan. 8, evening Jan. 3, and weekend Feb. 10.

  4. Joan Olubanjo Reply

    Hi I will like to know for sure what does ACI do for graduating students as per securing jobs after writing the state exam and what is the duration of the course for day,evening and weekend classes.

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Oluganjo.
      Good afternoon. We offer 17 day morning class, 6 week evening, and 11 week weekend. We have an 80% job hire rate with our CNA students.

      • Joan Olubanjo Reply

        Hi, Thanks for your earlier response, further to your response, I will like to know what is the duration of the CNA class and what school requirement is needed.

        • ACI Reply

          Ms. Olubanjo,
          Good morning. The CNA classes ranges in duration from 17 days to 11 weeks. The schedule can be found at under course schedules. Please call or visit the school anytime Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.

  5. Keith Crumedy Reply

    I would like to know wat I need to do to start my classes for cna

    • ACI Reply

      Mr. Crumedy,
      An application, and deposit of $100 would be needed in order to reserve your space in the class. We would also need within the first two weeks of class, CPR & Background check (both offered at school, and a TB and drug screen. Would you like to visit the school?

  6. Karen Brown Reply

    I am interested in taking this course. Can I please get more information about it.

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Brown,
      Thank you for your inquiry. Our Certified Nursing Assistant course is offered during the morning, evening, and weekend hours. The application is $100 to reserve a space in the class.

      Tuition for the program is $699 with a weekly payment plan available of $233, (this includes textbook, workbook, supplies, and one set of scrubs) We offer a job board for all of our students. The National Certification Exam is offered at ACI for your convenience. Once completed, you will be eligible to take the State CAN exam at ACI.

      ****Promotion for day class beginning Nov. 6, $649 tuition and $50 Application fee

      Our office is open for tours Monday-Friday from 9am – 4pm, and we can also be reached at 770-807-0170, 5380 Peachtree Industrial, Blvd., Ste. 120, Norcross, GA. Applications can also be accessed through our website.

      Please call or email our office with any questions you may have. We look forward to assisting you with your career goals.

  7. Comfort Akuamoah Reply

    Hello , what are the upcoming dates available for the classes ?

    • ACI Reply

      Our next morning and evening class begins Nov. 6 and weekend Dec. 2

  8. Kia Reply

    Thank you so much & Are you running any specials this month?

    • ACI Reply

      We do have some Pre-Holiday promotions going on this week. Please call or visit the office for details on.

      Thank you,

  9. Kia Reply

    What time ?

    • ACI Reply

      Good afternoon, we offer morning, evening, and weekend classes. The morning class is Monday – Friday from 9am – 3pm, evening Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30pm – 10pm, and Saturdays classes from 8am – 4:30pm.

  10. Kia Reply

    What time does the evening classes start ? & are the Saturday classes only on Saturday or are they Saturday & Sunday?

    • ACI Reply

      The evening classes begin on Nov. 6, and the weekend classes are Saturday and Sunday

  11. J'Trease Seacer Reply

    Hello My Name Is , J’Trease Seacer

    May I Please , have information regarding secheduling times and Pricing for payment plans ?

    Thank you a Ton .

    • ACI Reply

      Good afternoon, which program are you inquiring about?

  12. Cieda hall Reply

    Hi my name is cieda Hall. I would like to enroll but I wanted to know if you guys have any payment plans available instead of payin the full amount at once

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Hall,
      We can for sure offer you payment plans. The great part about our program is that the payment can be broken down into 3 payments of $233 per week – this is offered for all 3 schedules. The program includes books, scrubs, and supplies.

      Come by our office and we can assist you further. We are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.


      • Sarieta Lipscomb Reply

        Is there a biweekly payment schedule?

        • ACI Reply

          Ms. Lipscomb,
          Thank you for your inquiry. We are offering a Pre-Holiday promotion with weekly payment plans of $183. We can do a bi-weekly plan if you would like to enroll and begin making payments prior to the start of class. We are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm if you would like to visit.

          We look forward to meeting you,


  13. Tamekia Reid Reply

    I would like information on the cost and starting dates & time for your CNA Classes.

  14. Domonique Garcia Reply

    I am interested in your CNA program but I need a little more information please. When is the next start date for your program, what are the times for the day class and what is the cost.

  15. Timara Edmond Reply

    Good afternoon, I am interested in your program and would like to know the price. Please contact me at your earliest

    • ACI Reply

      Ms. Edmond,
      Hey there, which program are you inquiring about?

  16. Sean Stonehart Reply

    I have looked at the site with my wife who interested in possibly taking your CNA. I noticed there references & listing to different fees, but there was no direct listing of the CNA fees.

    Please let me know those fees are and we will proceed from there.


  17. Joyce Reply

    I’m interested in the Saturday class I presently in Childcare I already have first aid cpr and background if you could email me

  18. Kendra Lindsey Reply

    I’m curious about how much does the CNA course cost at this institute.

  19. Yolanda Kelly Reply

    I would like more info on the cna classes, cost and times a date of the classes.

  20. Shameerah Moore Reply

    Hi, my name is Shameerah Moore. I’m interested in attending Atlanta Career Institute for CNA training. When is the start date of the next course?

  21. Laura Gomez Reply

    Hello my name is Laura Gomez I’m interested in the Cna program, I want information about cost and schedule.

  22. Kayla Reply

    I am interested in your Certified Nursing Assistant program.

  23. Jocelyn Rushin Reply

    I would like to enroll.

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